How do we start? Actually, it’s a pretty simple process. It all starts with an idea. Usually yours. Most customers have a pretty good idea of what they want. If not, our experienced design staff will be happy to provide assistance at no additional cost to you.  See our “Contact us” page for additional information. Listed below is our “Eight Steps to Satisfaction”, and represent our procedures….

We all introduce ourselves and discuss your project in detail. After the introduction, we take the gathered information, followed by doing additional research and design, and direct the process toward creating the piece of furniture we have discussed.

We firmly believe a picture is worth a thousand words, and since this piece is a custom creation, a visual aid is needed. With the aid of an AutoCAD program, we design the piece in an isometric view, assuring you, the customer, that the furniture you purchase is exactly what you want. A fully descriptive specification and cost proposal will accompany the isometric drawing. You will receive a full presentation package. 

At the point where you accept the furniture design and terms of purchase, your order is placed in our production schedule.

Even though we will have initially designed the appearance of the furniture, we must also engineer its construction. Full shop drawings showing construction techniques, materials and dimensions are then made.

The submitted shop drawings are sent to you for your final approval prior to the project entering our shop. All stain color samples and details are reviewed extensively, assuring you that all aspects of the furniture design and construction are correctly outlined. Once you have approved everything, we then order material and begin production.

This is the final stage, prior to delivery. Your approved drawings and any changes made during the above steps are incorporated into the piece. The information is then given to a selected craftsman. The furniture is built by a single craftsman, and signed and dated by that individual. This assures you that your furniture is priceless, and is a unique piece of artwork. 

Now your product is completed to meet your specifications, and we are proud to deliver the finished furniture to your home or office. Local deliveries are installed by the very same craftsman who built your furniture. Out-of-state orders are crated in wood and shipped LTL with full instructions and a copy of the engineering drawings. All these design and construction services are accompanied by our full 5-year warranty against material defects and craftsmanship-related problems.