The Corporate theme is built to automatically detect whether or not your website uses widgets. If no widgets are in use then all pages across your website will be very wide (i.e. full-width). If widgets are in use then all pages on your website will have a content area and a sidebar area (called Primary Sidebar).

arrowIf you plan to use a primary sidebar across your website but would also like to be able to use wide pages from time to time, then this page template, called Full-width, no sidebar, is for you. Simply go to Pages→Add New within your website dashboard and select the page template named Full-width, no sidebar.

That’s it.

There are several good reasons for why you might want to use a full-width page template on your website:

  • you want to show off a gallery of images without having a primary sidebar get in the way;
  • you want to create a landing page on your website for a specific purpose, for example marketing;
  • or you just have no use for widgets on your website.

What follows is an example of one of those purposes.

Large Image Gallery of New York City

Everyone should visit our fantastic city at least once.

For more information about what you’re able to do with images, click through to our Images documentation.