“Dennis Zongker captured the Grand Prize in the 2023 Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge with an Art Deco styled music box that wowed the judges with its superlative craftsmanship, thoughtful use of veneer, and tremendous attention to detail.”

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This Art Deco style music box has a 72-note musical movement which plays, Canon in D (3 parts) J. Pachelbel.  Dennis designed this box to fit into the Art Deco time period between 1919 to 1939. He designed the box with a certain size sound hole in the bottom, with a thin floating bottom that the 72-note movement is mounted too. This produces a nice tone and a louder sound with the top open or closed.  The size of the music box is 10 3/4″ deep x 15″ wide x 10 3/4″ tall. The two woods used are flat cut Gabon ebony, and flat cut holly veneers. The core substrate of the box is made out of solid birch hardwood. The top core substrate is made out of solid glued up butcher block basswood. The four segmented legs have 1/32″ thick veneer glued together with solid ebony to create the diamond and elliptical shapes of the top of the legs. The top marquetry of both the inside and top has both holly and ebony veneer to cut and produce the musical notes. 

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