Completed Hallway Table

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Completed Hallway Table

Hall Table February 2022

Finally I’m done making this hallway table. I’ve been so busy at work, that most of the work has been done on my spare time. Next I’m making two Chippendale style chairs that go with the hallway table. Then I can stain and finish the three pieces together.

Hall Table Jan 2022

Here is some step pictures on how to inlay solid black ebony & veneer the borders on this hallway table.

Hall Table Dec. 2021

Finally got the Marquetry glued down to the top. Next will be the ebony inlays and the borders, then the walnut edges. There is a loose joint in the middle to split the tops in order to fit in the elevator which goes to the 72 floor.
The veneers used, Bloodwood, Satinwood, Purpleheart, Makore, 3 shades of died green, & Walnut burl. I think the most exciting thing about marquetry is all the wonderful natural colors of the woods. Thank you for looking.

Hall Table Sept 2021

I finally finished building the Hallway Table Base. The center section of the base has a loose joint, in order to fit into the elevator. Next I’ll be making the top which will have Marquetry Veneer of grapes & vines and an assortment of fruit, which can be really fun working with all the different colors of veneers.

Hall Table July 2021

This is one of three cabriole table legs made out of American Black Walnut that gets attached to the hallway table that I’m making. 
Here are some step pictures that I took to finish one leg, now two legs left. This is very fun carving the Grapes & leafs. 

Hall Table: Feb 2021

Here is the being designing phase of a Hallway table that Dennis Zongker is getting ready to carve and build. The table will be made out of American Black Walnut and the top will have many types of veneer for the grape theme Marquetry.

Determination Carving

To See the completed Statue, “Determination”

June 2020

April 2020

Here are a few step pictures of a carving I’ve been working on for a while now, but I’ve only been able to work on it for just a few hours a week on my spare time. My next steps I will be detail carving in the eyes and hair. Thank you for looking!!!

January 2020

Finally, after making the clay model many months ago, I found some spare time to start carving again. This carving is about my woodworking life. With good and bad times, with struggles and success, with blood sweet and tears. My brother Dan Zongker and I have battled many storms and enjoyed sunny days for over 30 years now. This carving I call “Determination”, and what better way to show this, then to have a man carving himself out of a tree. 

Here is a clay model that I’ve been working on, I just have the hands , mallet, & gouge left. This model is man carving himself out of a tree, I call it Determination. He is 36″ tall. Thank you for looking.