Lighted Cross

Here is a custom cross, measuring 72” x 40”. Constructed of red oak and cherry hardwoods with inlaid polished brass. This unique cross has two crosses above each other with hidden LED lighting around the perimeter of each cross with individual motion sensor switches, allowing the crosses to illuminate individually. The lighting creates a beautiful shadow effect on the wall.

Methodist Flames of Life

We have the honor of creating these beautiful Methodist flames to be placed on the back wall, behind the sanctuary stage. Constructed of solid red oak hardwoods, the overall sizes of the flames are 3” thick by 48”wide and 168” long. The oak was glued together at different angles, to create a unique wood grain appearance. Hand shaping and carved using a power grinder to create the flame motif a powerful and beautiful presentation. Carvings: Dennis Zongker

12-Foot Celtic Cross

This 12 foot diameter cross is suspended 40 feet above the stage. Constructed of light weight plywood, quartered cherry, custom Celtic iron designs and a marble faux finished ring. The cross was lifted with an electronic winch hidden in the ceiling above.