Testimonials are supported in Corporate. Adding new testimonials into your website can be accomplished in a few steps.

You should see a menu item in your Dashboard called Testimonials:

Access all your testimonial from the Dashboard

The All Testimonials menu item will bring you to a page containing all of the testimonials that you have added into your website. Click on the Add button next to the Testimonials title on this page, which will bring you to an edit screen for adding in a new testimonial into your website:

Edit Screen of a testimonial

There are three main parts to a testimonial: title, featured image, and testimonial content. You do not have to use a featured image, but it’s highly recommended.

Technical Note: You can use the More Tag with your testimonials content. This will allow you to include a short statement on the front page of your site but also allow for much longer case studies and content for each Testimonial when users click through to view them.

Once you’ve created your testimonials, they will show in three major areas on your website.

A single testimonial entry is shown below:

Single testimonial entry. You can take advantage of these like normal posts.
Technical Note: In single testimonial views, the featured image will be shown as a page hero. Underneath the customer name there will be a link back to the full testimonials archive page. The biggest piece of advice we have for this page is to use great featured images of your customers and also take advantage of the More Tag to share more about them without overloading your front page.

The testimonials archive page is shown below:

Testimonials Archive Page
Testimonials Archive Page

If you would like to spruce up your Testimonials archive page, then head over to your website customizer and open the section titled Client Testimonials. A custom header, custom title, and custom opening message can be added into your archive page from within the Customizer:

Customize the Testimonials archive page.