The customer had an existing table base, which resembled the globe and galaxy, made of metal, which they wanted to re-use. It’s a nice piece of art, and we didn’t want to lose the visual. Tying all these entities together was challenging and fun. The table is designed to represent the solar system, or galaxy to say. Inserting a glass center enabled the view of the artistic metal table base, from both the table top and from the sides, giving the table depth and perception. The table pattern itself is called parquetry. Geometric forms brought together in a picturesque scene, representing planets and streaks of shooting stars. Using maples and walnut veneers, we are bringing contrast to the table. After completion, the table will be stained to match the kitchen cabinets. Therefore it will create a transitional piece incorporating all visual entities from the three adjacent rooms. This one piece brings the feeling of unity to the area. By Dennis Zongker

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