Carving and marquetry play a big role in our company, as far it takes our abilities to a higher level. There are not too many custom woodworking shops that add custom carvings or marquetry to their pieces of furniture. It does set our company a step above other cabinet and furniture shops. “I’ve been a furniture maker almost my whole life. When designing this piece, I really wanted to add carvings to this piece of furniture without making it to busy. By adding Eagle wings, the Lion’s face and Violin scrolls. With all these different ideas, along with Marquetry of roses, it made this piece both a centerpiece and end table all in one. When you entered the room it is a center piece. Then when you went around the room it would be an end table. By using veneer I was able to mix up the veneers into a nice blend of colors for a natural look. I used a traditional method of marquetry. By cutting six layers of veneer at a time on a scroll saw. Also by shading the veneer with silica sand headed up, to give the veneer a 3d look. I than finished the top with clear polyurethane to bring out all the natural colors of the veneer.” 
By, Dennis Zongker 

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