Beautiful home office with custom Shoji door access. Our design fuses traditional Japanese architecture with American traditional. The Shoji doors provides privacy from the hallway and while occupying the office. We went with a 4 panel Shoji door system, which allows a 5’ wide space when open. The doors are made of solid cherry hardwood with custom Japanese influenced lattice. In lieu of traditional rice paper, we used quality frosted glass for a nice opaque finish allowing light but providing privacy. A custom crown cornice was detailed and inserted into the existing crown throughout the home. For stability of the sliding Shoji doors, we routed the flooring, offering guides without protrusion. 

The office system inside, is a complete wall system. The center section has pocket doors providing an open knee space with laptop storage and connectivity. Centered above is a large TV and open shelving. This design conceals the home office when the room is used for leisure and enjoying TV or a good book.