Heirloom quality, one of a kind, custom sports display case fabricated of premium cherry hardwoods with maple veneer burl accents. This breath-taking display boasts many details throughout the piece creating an overall sports theme for the avid collector. Custom carved football moldings, carved basketball moldings, carved baseballs and baseball bats and the header proudly displays a carved version of the Husker Football Stadium. The details are so refined, you can count the laces in the carved footballs and baseballs. Internal lighting, mirror, beveled glass door panels, and glass shelves for proud display of the owners collection. The side upper cabinets have replica antique wood sport locker doors with coat hooks for jersey display. This exceptional piece of furniture is one of our proudest accomplishments and the detailing is over the top. Bringing all the elements into one piece…..design, craftsmanship and quality…..all for a very unique display that will be cherished for generations.