THE “INFINITY”.…..This magical 4’ x 9’ Dining Table expands to a whopping 17’-6” in length. Nearly double its standard length. This custom designed and engineered modern dining table outperforms them all. Giving you that infinity table length you always wanted. 

The modern panel end pedestal base is not common with butterfly leaves. It created a challenge for the operation of the leaves and storage. Our copywrited technique allows each end of the table to open with 3 leaves neatly store inside. The base panels split with hidden ball casters for the ease of opening and stability of the extension. Accented with a steel support stringer with a hammered powder coat finish. 

Fabricated of matching African quartered Zebrawood with a gray wash finish. Notice how the woodgrain matches the entire length of the opened table makes it absolutely stunning. Even the woodgrain on the fold down leaf aprons match the length of the table. It’s all about the details and unique joinery; giving this table its amazing beauty and function. 

Imagine having your own “Infinity Dining Table”, designed for you, any size, any style, any finish… you that one-of-a-kind dining experience. Invite the family, invite your friends, you have plenty of seating space.